Port of San Diego Shared Accommodations Hotel in Environmental Review

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A proposed shared accommodations hotel based in the port of San Diego is now in the environmental review phase after a unanimously Board approval. The Stay Open San Diego Hotel will feature extraordinary health protocols, cozy PODs, private rooms, and high quality amenities such as a rooftop bar, restaurant, and technology.   Thank you to Penny Maus and Brianne Mundy from the Port of San Diego for featuring the Carrier Johnson + CULTURE renderings and video of this project in the published press release.

“When I envision the Port of the future, I envision the kind of opportunities STAY OPEN’S innovative shared hospitality concept will provide. With overnight accommodations in a prime location that won’t break the bank, visitors from various backgrounds and income levels will be able to experience and enjoy our beautiful San Diego Bay waterfront and all it has to offer,” said Chair Ann Moore, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners.

For the full press release, click here: http://bit.ly/PortofSanDiegoSTAYOPEN