3 Projects Recognized as Award of Merit Winners in the Gold Nugget Award Competition

We are honored and excited to share that Legacy International Center, Point Loma Nazarene University Lyle and Grace Prescott Memorial Prayer Chapel, and Shift Apartments, all projects designed by Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, have been recognized as Award of Merit Winners in the Gold Nugget Award Competition.

The Pacific Coast Builders Conference states, “PCBC Gold Nugget Awards are presented annually to the top innovators in design, planning and development. The competition is open to builders, developers, architects, interior merchandisers/designers, and land planners with communities and projects across the United States and internationally. Award of Merit Winners are the top vote recipients in each category and are the finalists for
the Grand Award, which will be announced July 24th.”

More information about the virtual event:
The Virtual Awards Presentation on July 24 will feature Tim Sullivan as host, who will announce the honorees. You’ll see video acceptance speeches from winners and recognition of sponsors too. Join us to celebrate this year’s top innovators in design, planning and development. Buy Your Ticket Now: bit.ly/GoldNuggetAward2020Ticket

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Legacy International – Ron Marvin
PLNU – Lawrence Anderson Photography​
Shift Apartments – Costea Photography, Inc.​

Point Loma Nazarine University Chapel. PLNU. San Diego, CA. Carrier Johnson Architects.

Committed to Higher Education Safety

Are U Ready? The fall semester is starting. Everything has changed with COVID 19. We are committed to higher education safety.

Important questions:
+ Who will help us reopen safely?
+ How can we measure the air quality in our facility?
+ How do we convey the new rules & standards on campus?
+ What changes can improve campus wellness?
+ When should masks be worn?

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High Desert Regional Mental Health Urgent Care Center Scheduled to Open Late 2020

 The High Desert Regional Mental Health Urgent Care Center has been featured in the Antelope Valley Press and is scheduled to open later this year providing services that will include diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, referrals, consultation, community engagement, crisis intervention/stabilization, medication support and case management. Carrier Johnson + CULTURE has enjoyed partnering with PENTA and Los Angeles County to design this center that will make a difference for the surrounding communities.  Thank you, Antelope Valley Press for our project.

Read the full article here: bit.ly/HighDesertRegionalMHUCC 

📸 Photo Credit: PENTA


Legacy International Center ENR California Award and Orchids & Onions Nomination

The Legacy International Center is racking up the awards this year! The project, designed by Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, received the ENR California 2020 South Regional Best Project in the “Cultural/Worship Awards of Merit” category! Judges will then choose a “Project of the Year” from the Best Project-level winners, which ENR will announce at the awards ceremony in October.

Also, The Legacy Center San Diego has been nominated for an Orchid Award for Architecture! We are hopeful that this will turn into another win for our project at the 2020 Orchids & Onions Awards Gala, a virtual event held on October 1. Click here for more info on our nomination: https://www.orchidsandonions.org/…/legacy-international-ce…/

📸Photo Credit: Jeff Durkin/Breadtruck Films

Legacy International Center Grand Opening July 1st, 2020

The Legacy International Center, a world-class destination resort as developed by Dr. Morris Cerullo, a San Diego resident since 1959 and celebrating over 72 years of his Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, held its Grand Opening on July 1st, 2020. Gordon Carrier and Vincent Mudd, both Principals with Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, were given the tour of the Center by Executive Director, Jim Penner. For more information about the Legacy Center, take a look at their website: legacysandiego.com
📸 Photo Credit: Ron Marvin

PLNU Chapel Wins a Gold Nugget Grand Award

We are happy to announce that the Lyle and Grace Prescott Memorial Prayer Chapel on the Point Loma Nazarene University campus received a PCBC Gold Nugget Grand Award in the “Judges Special Award of Excellence” Category during the virtual online award ceremony!

According to PCBC – The Art, Science & Business of Housing, “At the 2020 Gold Nugget Awards Presentation, these Grand Awards were announced in each category and emerged from the Award of Merit Honorees. These prestigious design awards recognizes those who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development.”

📸 Photo Credit: Lawrence Anderson Photography







PLNU Chapel: Winner of 2020 Gold Nugget Judges Special Award

We are honored that the Lyle and Grace Prescott Memorial Prayer Chapel on the Point Loma Nazarene University campus is recognized as an Award of Merit Winner in the PCBC Gold Nugget Award Competition, receiving a Judges Special Award of Excellence!

Inspiration of the chapel design comes from the natural surroundings on site and the spiritual significance within the space. The chapel is an academic anchor of the campus and a physical reminder of their ideology. Simplicity with pure lines and forms were used as a means to capture the true essence of the space.




Point Loma Nazarine University Chapel. PLNU. San Diego, CA. Carrier Johnson Architects.

Take a “Virtual Tour” of MCWE Legacy Center San Diego

Take a “Virtual Tour” of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism The Legacy Center San Diego in Mission Valley, the 18 acre mixed-use project our firm recently completed. Morris Cerullo passed away earlier this month, however, he was able to see the Legacy Center from planning, permitting, construction and its opening. It was a blessing to be involved in this project!

👉 Click here to check it out: https://bit.ly/LegacyVirtualTour

Talent Spotlight – Vincent Mudd


“A sense of betterment … always looking to seek perfection knowing it is the journey not the destination.”
“Legacy International Center for MCWE. Why? We were able to tangibly fulfill the life -long inspired vision of Dr. Cerullo and his congregation of over 25 million faithful believers. In spite of severe medical challenges during the Entitlement process and the 30 month Construction Process, on October 29th 2020 he was able to celebrate his 90th birthday in his completed Legacy International Center.”
“The Human Cycle by Sri Michelle Chapman (aka the Law of Social Cycles). Opened my eyes to how similar all civilizations are throughout human history and how we go through 3 predictable basic cycles – with one replacing the other in succession.”
In addition to being our Talent Spotlight this week, Vincent was also featured on the front page of the Union Tribune local section this week as “Someone San Diego Should Know”.
Click here to read his story: bit.ly/VincentMudd