211 Connections Luncheon

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On Friday, February 20th, Carrier Johnson + CULTURE Interiors attended the 211 Connections Luncheon. With 1,200 attendees, the luncheon illustrated the service 211 provides not only to San Diego County but the whole country. The program also included speaker Michael Gauldin, who shared his story of being homeless from ages seven to seventeen and the struggle he and his family endured. Mr.Gauldin, now working for Reality Changes, stressed the importance of 211’s services and the role they played in helping his family.

 Towards the end of the luncheon, 211 also talked about their new call center, which is a Carrier Johnson + CULTURE project. This project involves the interior design of a two level building including new offices, training rooms, lunchroom, and calling stations.

Here is a short video showing the discussion about their new call center: 211 New Call Center


For more information on 211, please visit their website:


For more information on Reality Changes, please visit their website: