3-D printed multi-family structures: What’s the ETA in the USA?

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Carrier Johnson + CULTURE’s Director of Design Technology Casey Mahon was recently interviewed by multifamily residential trade publication, MHN, to provide his perspective on the state of 3D printing technology for building construction and its implications in the near future for multifamily developments in the US.

The debut earlier this year of the first 3-D printed, 5-story apartment building in China – the world’s tallest 3D printed building at the time of its unveiling – has generated a flurry of interest in the potentially game changing technology. Given the significant benefits of 3D printing such as time, material and cost saving and sustainable building – the building, design and construction industry is taking a hard look at the viability of this construction technology in the U.S. and how soon it might be realistically implemented on these shores.

The MHN feature article titled “3-D Printing – Are You Ready” sought to address these questions and to its gauge its potential impact on multifamily developments. In the article, Casey Mahon provides historical context for the 3-D printing technology with a focus on current advances that make “printing” full scale buildings possible, offers insight into why its technological capabilities are currently outpacing adoption in the U.S and envisions its potential impact on the entire A/E /C industry once these barriers to acceptance are resolved.

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