Wall Dedication Honoring Co-Founder and History of CJ+C

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A new piece of art from the studio was designed and dedicated to honor the co-founder, Michael C. Johnson as well as the history of the CJ+C firm. Thank you to Hanover Company for this generous gift! Johnson passed away in February 2020; however, his legacy continues. Co-founder, Gordon R. Carrier states, “Our firm’s talent was blessed with Michael’s creative spirit, his constant drive to help all to success, and the wisdom shared from 40 years in the field of architecture. He will be missed, but his larger spirit will continue to live on through our CULTURE and our work.” Although the studio has moved to a new location, the firm first started at 1301 3rd Avenue in San Diego. The site is now currently undergoing construction and will be transformed into a mixed-use building designed by former owners, CJ+C.

Sign design and credit: Natural Graphics, Inc.