Vincent Mudd Named One of San Diego’s Top 100 Influential Leaders in San Diego

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Highly committed to civic engagement, Vincent is past Chairman of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and the Chairman of the San Diego Exploratory Foundation. Vincent previously served as Chairman of San Diego’s Citizen’s Fiscal Sustainability Task Force, served on the board of directors of San Diego State University’s Campanile Foundation and the State Compensation Insurance Fund, and was Chairman of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. He is the former director for the San Diego County Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District. His passion for continued growth and economic development in San Diego marries well with his current role at Carrier Johnson + CULTURE. Vincent offers insight into his perspective on economic growth, development, and design and construction in San Diego, and clearly demonstrates his passion and influence in San Diego.

“I am passionate about San Diego and the mega-region we live in. I define our mega-region as San Diego County, Imperial County, and Baja California, and I see our region as one of the most significant influential economic centers in the World. Our mega-region economy is the global center of gravity for business seeking an international growth portfolio. The region’s economic growth is documented in the numbers, but I also have the opportunity to see the growth through new construction, facility retrofits/renovations, and adaptive reuse projects within our mega-region – both R&D and manufacturing. Regional economic growth is strong, resulting in more job opportunities for highly-qualified professionals from throughout the mega-region.

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE is positioned to leverage San Diego mega-region’s expanding economy. We are looking for great design from new architects and designers from both local and international markets. We’ve been fortunate to hire some incredibly talented individuals passionate about high-quality, sustainable design. Subsequently, our mixed-use and residential projects are developed using our contextual and experiential design approach resulting in award-winning mixed-use developments, educational and corporate facilities that support and sustain a growing class of invaluable employees and burgeoning start-up businesses.”

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