Designing for Authenticity

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Design Principal, Gordon Carrier recently revealed his thoughts on designing for authenticity for Commercial Architecture Magazine.  The question posed: How can commercial architecture become more authentic? The answer: “The best way is to create building solutions that are true to their places, people, and legacies.”  An example of this strategy can be seen at the Tidewater Community College Library which is shared between the students of the college and the citizens of Virginia Beach, VA.  The modern library “…celebrates the notion of civic partnership and engagement…” along with honoring the community’s heritage by preserving the areas gardens and views.  Another example is seen in the design of the new Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) Science Center.  The PLNU Science Center is an evangelical institution where the design focused on religious and scientific meanings.

When designing for authenticity, “the result is lasting, purposeful, and authentic architecture.”


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