Architect Alison Kung-Kellerer Celebrates Her 37th Work Anniversary at CJ+C

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We are honored to have Alison Kung-Kellerer celebrate 37 years of working at Carrier Johnson + CULTURE today! Alison is a registered Architect in the State of California, and earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Environmental Design at San Diego State University. The diversity of her experiences in both public and private sectors as a project architect includes institutional, commercial, mixed-use and municipal facilities.
“There is always a lot to learn and plenty of building types to enrich our experiences. The CJ+C family is always supportive and caring. The design energy fills the atmosphere and is contagious. It seems effortless to sustain the energy as we keep moving forward and set the bar higher and higher. The great work environment made these 37 years fly by.” – Alison Kung-Kellerer