PLNU Lyle + Grace Prescott Memorial Chapel Receives Orchid Award!

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The Orchids & Onions Awards Ceremony promotes outstanding architecture, planning and urban design throughout the San Diego region. Out of the 118 nominees in the categories including architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and historic preservation, 16 were chosen to receive an Orchid Award which highlights exemplary examples of architecture throughout our city. We are proud to announce that the Point Loma Nazarene University Lyle + Grace Prescott Memorial Chapel has received one of the coveted Orchid Awards!

Juror Mary Michaelson stated that “…the chapel was so well designed in a small space that it created a personal, spiritual connection to its surroundings.” (Union Tribune)

The chapel design for Point Loma Nazarene University evolves from two inspirations: its serene natural setting, and its spiritual significance. Though small in size, the space offers a path of sacred experience. Three personal prayer niches radiate from the central volume, the centered Cross of the sanctuary, with separations of slatted wood offering privacy while allowing natural daylight to penetrate. The number three is evoked throughout the design, a symbol of the Holy Trinity.