Randall Morton, AIA, NCARB, Quoted in Architectural Digest

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The globally acclaimed Principal of our Urban Design Studio in New York, Randall Morton, AIA, NCARB, has been quoted in the prestigious design journal, Architectural Digest.

In speaking about “Fast Forward: The Plan to Modernize New York City”, Randall Morton, Urban Design Principal at Carrier Johnson + Culture and longtime New York City resident, says “The plan sets out to accomplish in ten years what previously MTA leadership said would take 40. I love the aggressiveness of it.”

“Integrating all forms of transit—bicycles, pedestrian access…we should consider ferries—this should be a priority,” says Morton. “While New York has come around to bikes, at long last, it still needs to learn from other cities where integration of transit systems is more developed. Meanwhile, in New York, we’re behind even on the basics. I bought my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on my phone this morning,” Morton notes. “Purchasing a subway card has far more steps and isn’t even always possible”.

In the long term, transit outcomes rely hugely on the resiliency of the system. “There are two kinds of spending,” Morton says. “Spending you can see, and spending you cannot see.” While the latter can be a hard sell, it is often more important.