Jackie Angel of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE Promoted to Associate Principal

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Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, an award-winning, international architecture firm that specializes in architectural design, landscape architecture, and more, has promoted Jackie Angel to the role of Associate Principal, where she will be responsible for continued efforts on targeting areas in which the firm can improve operations, revenue margins, along with improving employee retention and productivity.

Jackie was hired as Controller by CJ+C, promoted to Director of Operations in 2015 and now promoted to Associate Principal. Her value increases every single day.

Vincent Mudd, Managing Partner, Principal, stated, “Carrier Johnson + CULTURE is the highest performing architectural business in Southern California as a direct result of Jackie’s exceptional strategic execution and ISO Performance as our Director of Operations.”

Jackie is a dedicated, loyal, determined individual who perseveres in any challenging circumstance, takes a proactive approach and will always think of a better way to execute, both efficiently and cost-effectively. Her motto is “Impossible is not a definite, it is a dare.” Jackie is one of those people who believes there are no challenges, but only opportunities.

In her 15 years with the firm, Jackie has diligently and very effectively developed processes and procedures that have been successfully implemented. Jackie’s achievements with Carrier Johnson + CULTURE include but are not limited to the following:

  • ISO Certification-working through the necessary steps of ISO 9001 Certification, paving the way for Carrier Johnson to become fully certified.
  • Office Relocation: She successfully managed the entire process of their San Diego office relocation, which was conceived, permitted, built and executed in four months with no lost production time or outside financing.
  • She is the Plan Administrator for CJ+C’s 401k Plan and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and has complete responsibility for both plans.

Aside from who Jackie is as an individual and her achievements, she reaches beyond and serves in the community. With Jackie’s guidance, the firm has been involved in various local outreach organizations and supports numerous charities: Serving SeniorsAmerican Heart AssociationSurfing Madonna Oceans Project, and Tables for Tots.