Company Diversity

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Here at Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, we believe that culture drives design. To create successful design and garner great results, we must understand culture. It comes naturally, therefore, that the diversity of our staff is key to our process and success. Whether we are working locally or internationally, our diverse staff gives us a substantial advantage.

Recently we took a survey to see just how many different cultures we embody in our company, and the results did not disappoint. Here was what we found:


36% of us were born in different countries other than the United States

Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Lithuania, England, Israel, China, Syria, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, and Korea

36% of a slightly different group spent a part of their lives growing up in a country outside of the United States

Kuwait, Jordan, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Israel, China, Prague, Czech Republic, Italy, England, France, and Japan

29% of us have a native language other than English

Arabic, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Cantonese, Czech, Italian, French, and Japanese

All together, we are fluent in 13 different languages

Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Czech, English, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, and Zapotec