CJ+C – Recipient of the “Most Admired Business/Corporation” Award

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With a longstanding commitment to the betterment of San Diego and places far beyond, Carrier Johnson + CULTURE has been selected as winner of the 2017 Malin Burnham Awards for the philanthropic activities in the category of “Most Admired Business/Corporation.” The recognition comes from the community at large, with Carrier Johnson + CULTURE being selected by popular vote from a list of San Diego’s most prominent companies and corporations.

“It’s a tremendous honor and a humbling one,” says Principal, Gordon Carrier, FAIA, NCARB . “For decades Malin Burnham’s reputation throughout the region has been as San Diego’s most highly regarded businessman and philanthropist. To receive this award with his name—and to know that area residents and business leaders voted for us—carries a lot of weight.  There are no sufficient words to express our gratitude.”

The Malin Burnham Awards are sponsored by the nonprofit organization Reality Changers, a group devoted to transforming young people’s lives “by providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with the academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training to become college graduates.” The award program takes its name from the real estate developer and accomplished sailor who became widely known in the San Diego area for his business acumen and extensive charitable work. Reality Changers created the honors to recall Burnham’s continued and generous support and to celebrate people and groups in Southern California who embody Burnham’s motto, “Community Before Self.” In this spirit, all award recipients are selected by community vote. Other nominees for the Most Admired Business award included AT&T, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sea World San Diego, and UBS Financial Services and 12 other companies with distinguished records of significant local philanthropic activity.

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE distinguished itself for this honor in large part because of a longstanding commitment to both charitable giving and volunteerism, fostered actively among the firm’s leadership and staff. In fact, a number of architects and designers with the firm volunteer directly with Reality Changers. In addition the firm is well known for a focus on supporting major charitable events, such as the recent Open House San Diego.

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE is well known for an approach to building design and urban planning that results in active and inclusive environments blending creativity, art, and social expression with sustainable economic development. Likewise, the firm’s leadership and staff participate frequently in volunteer community activities for the betterment of San Diego and all of its residents.

The honor was compounded shortly after the awards program by a commendation letter to the firm from Myrtle Cole, President of San Diego’s Fourth District Council, in recognition of the “Most Admired” award. Written on behalf of the Fourth District and of the City, the letter expresses gratitude to Carrier Johnson + CULTURE for “countless contributions toward making San Diego a world-class city for all.”

Other awards were presented included: Most Admired Public Leader, Most Admired News Outlet, and similar honors for foundations and service organizations. Proceeds from fundraising for the Malin Burnham Awards will help Reality Changers reach their target of $2 million to increase the number of first-generation college students in San Diego.


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