Achieving an Authentic Venue, Through Integrated Design

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Manuela Bravo-Smith, Senior Interior Designer has authored an article on the importance of integrated design to the development of engaging and memorable hospitality design.

“Sameness was once considered a virtue in the hospitality industry. Travelers were believed to crave predictability, which seemed to dovetail with the desire of larger hospitality groups to establish a recognizable brand. This was correct to some degree: a certain segment of the market prefer to take no chances with a hotel stay, and therefore place a premium on familiarity and having expectations met. But the industry has begun to swing away from this paradigm, recognizing that travelers also love a find: a unique experience or destination that offers newness and variety. Even owners and developers of bigger properties and major chains have begun to look for ways to craft boutique-style experiences for visitors who value something unique and unexpected.” – Manuela Bravo-Smith

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