Carrier Johnson + Culture is a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural design firm with locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. Our work is complex, impactful, fast-paced and exciting thriving on collaboration and discussion. This approach blends the talents and skill-sets from architecture, landscape architecture and interior design to create unique and functional environments appropriate to the ecological, cultural and social aspects of all the communities we work for and in. The diversity of our work includes urban design, campus master-plans, hospitality, mixed-use developments, urban residential, retail, river parks and master-planned communities.


Firm Culture:

  • Support the firm’s design ethos – seek high design solutions inspired by authentic design influences…seek design concepts informed by real conditions



  • Manage medium to Large projects.  At least 8-12 years of successfully managing Residential, Commercial, or Institutional Architectural or Interiors projects
  • Show strong evidence of being a profitable team leader for past design firm
  • High level of analytical skills:  Proficiency in using budgeting analysis (MS Excel spreadsheet creation), and doing code and zoning related research.  Experience in getting previous work done on time and on budget is critical.  Knowledge of how to create a design schedule is important, should be previously trained on a scheduling software program (MS Project)
  • Understanding of how long design and production tasks should take to be completed
  • Knowledge of how to measure up the CJ+C consultants to ensure the project progresses smoothly
  • Should have a varied portfolio of past project types that can be drawn on while leading
  • Be someone that naturally follows through on commitments.  Has to be able to build both PIC’s and Client’s trust
  • Must be able to make their project better from a financial viewpoint as well as design and technical execution
  • Knowledge of what each design consultant can offer the team in terms of specific system selections
  • Being able to judge the progress of design studies and offer constructive criticism to guide teammates
  • Be passionate about improving the CJ+C design process by pursuing continuing education opportunities. Should already be involved with outside organizations that are research oriented by CJ+C management
  • Ability to mentor younger teammates to develop/exhibit good organization skills as well
  • Have a strong technical background in terms of materials knowledge, detailing, and systems coordination
  • Be willing to offer their best effort at all times, likely on multiple projects



  • MS Word document creation and writing skills.  Effective letter writing, narrative writing, marketing pursuit writing skills
  • MS Project schedule creation and editing skills will be very important.  Ability to develop a project timeline that can be maintained through the bumps and hurdles that happen in the design and construction of projects
  • MS Excel spreadsheet document creation and editing skills are needed to develop fees, revenue projections, etc.
  • Auto-Cad program – have the knowledge to do viewing, printing, commenting. Level 2 PMs should be able to use Auto-Cad fairly proficiently so they can do project tasks along the side of team
  • REVIT program – have the ability to decide on level of modeling needed.  Know the program well enough to understand its capabilities and limitations so it is used wisely
  • Deltek – will need to have a strong working knowledge of this account tracking system
  • Data filing system expertise – need to be able to store immense amounts of information that range in content and detail.  Organizing drawings, graphics, financial, correspondence, product data are key to running a project well and retrieving information effectively
  • Math skills – have strong knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, and basic algebra formulas.  Will be looking at and creating many documents that rely on good math knowledge
  • Public Speaking/ Leadership training – Dale Carnegie or LEAD type training to effectively motivate/manage groups of individuals is important.  May need to take training classes if not previously trained
  • Sustainability knowledge will be more important every day – LEED AP expected, Cal Green knowledge critical.  Knowledge about materials (thermal properties and embodied energy costs to produce), and building systems (especially HVAC & lighting) In terms of energy efficiency is valuable
  • Specifications – have the ability to edit master sections, knowledge of products to support why used, liability risks
  • System coordination and detailing experience – have the ability to gauge how complete the design documents are at any point in the project.  Be able to identify the impact of one material or system on the others that it needs to be integrated with
  • Construction cost estimating – have the cost comparison knowledge to first set the project’s budget with the Client.  Have the ability to do effective value engineering to guide the team back to the budget when needed


Salary is commensurate with experience and includes a competitive compensation package including medical, dental insurance, a 401(k) and ESOP program, along other excellent benefits. To be considered, please send a cover letter, resume, salary requirements, and work samples to