Carrier Johnson + Culture is a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural design firm with locations in San Diego and Los Angeles. Our work is complex, impactful, fast-paced and exciting thriving on collaboration and discussion. This approach blends the talents and skill-sets from architecture, landscape architecture and interior design to create unique and functional environments appropriate to the ecological, cultural and social aspects of all the communities we work for and in. The diversity of our work includes urban design, campus master-plans, hospitality, mixed-use developments, urban residential, retail, river parks and master-planned communities.


Firm Culture:

  • Support the firm’s design ethos – seek high design solutions inspired by authentic design influences…seek design concepts informed by real conditions



  • Manage small to medium projects.  At least 5-8 years of experience doing technical documentation of Residential, Commercial, or Institutional Architectural or Interiors projects
  • Show experience preparing complete technical documents for past design firm
  • Code conformance skills –  Learning code intent as well as understanding specific code language is required.  Staying up with all types of Code updates, and recent interpretations by governing agencies
  • Understanding of how long production tasks should take to be completed will likely need to be developed on the job
  • Be able to cartoon out the technical document deliverables and can calculate cost effective fees with assistance
  • Personality wise, this person has to be someone that is a self-starter willing to put extra effort into the project
  • Active mentoring of younger design team members
  • Ability to learn from PM/QA manager and consultants about what alternative systems are out there, and what the technical risks are for each
  • Be committed to improving the CJ+C design process by pursuing continuing education opportunities that are technical in nature
  • Be technically oriented and have the ability to set example for younger teammates
  • Have a keen interest in developing materials knowledge and detailing  by attending lunch & learns
  • Be willing to offer their best effort at all times
  • This person must also want to develop a broad knowledge of CJ+C’s activities and culture
  • Licensed Architect
  • This person should get involved with a local/regional technical standards group (Code interpretation class for example) that is design/construction related



  • Auto-Cad program – have a strong level of proficiency so detailing can be done that is not appropriate to do in REVIT.  Also need to convert back and forth between REVIT and AutoCad so files of other consultants that are not 3D can be coordinated
  • REVIT program – should have a high level of skill to apply to the project.
  • MS Word document creation and writing skills.  Ability to learn effective specification writing by being mentored by CJ+C QA manager
  • MS Excel spreadsheet document creation and editing skills
  • Data filing system expertise – need to learn how to store immense amounts of information that range in content and detail
  • Math skills – have strong knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, and basic algebra formulas.  Will be looking at and creating many documents that rely on good math knowledge
  • Public Speaking/ Leadership training
  • Sustainability knowledge, Cal Green, knowledge about materials (thermal properties and embodied energy costs to produce), and building systems (especially HVAC & lighting). LEED AP accreditation should be a goal.
  • Specifications – learn how to edit master sections.  Develop their knowledge of products to understand specification quality liability risks.  Need to know how to write specs on a non-proprietary basis with assistance from CJ+C Specs/QA leader
  • System coordination and detailing experience – learn how judge technical documentation progress, and what level of completeness is needed for this project type.  Learn how to identify the impact of one material or system on the others that it needs to be integrated with
  • Construction cost estimating – learn from PM how to review cost estimates and how to adjust CJ+C and consultant design approach to keep project on budget



Carrier Johnson Benefits Summary


Health, Disability, Retirement and Other Benefits and Amenities

As a regular, full-time employee, you are eligible to participate in all of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE sponsored benefits, plans and activities.  Carrier Johnson + CULTURE offers comprehensive medical, dental, vision, short and long term disability, life insurance, 401(k) plan and flexible spending programs.  Carrier Johnson + CULTURE is pleased to provide 100% coverage for employee medical, dental and vision plans for those who choose the HMO plan.  If you choose to add additional dependents this will be at a reduced cost to you and deducted from your paycheck each pay period (pre-tax).  The amount will vary depending on the plan you select.  Carrier Johnson + CULTURE 401(k) plan does not include any matching.   In addition to offering the 401(k) plan Carrier Johnson + CULTURE offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Time-Off Benefits

You will accrue vacation at a rate of 3.33 hours for each pay period, (80 hours per year, or 2 weeks) for the first 4 years. 5.00 hours for each pay period begins accruing after 4 years (120 hours per year, or 3 weeks).

In addition to your vacation accrual, you will receive eight (8) paid holidays and you will receive forty eight (48) hours sick leave per year immediately upon hire.

At Carrier Johnson +CULTURE we offer two regular work schedules:  8 hours/5 days per week or a 9 hours Monday thru Thursday and a 4 hour Friday. Within these hours we offer a hybrid work model of in office and remote working.


Benefits Highlights 2023

Rates and plans are subject to change on an annual basis

We are happy to share with you the benefit plans we have to offer.  Contributory plan details are included as attachments to this letter, you will also find attached, an employee bi-weekly contribution schedule for your cost considerations.


A list of contributory plans that we offer are:

  • Medical – No cost for employee only when they choose the HMO Plan (Seattle Employees have PPO option only available to them at no cost for employee only)
    • HMO plan UHC Gold Signature Value 30-60/20%/$500 Deductible
    • PPO plan UHC Gold Select Plus 25/500/20%
    • Kaiser Gold 80 HMO 250/25
  • United Health Dental PPO Plan
  • United Health (Vision) Plan
  • Flexible Spending plan for medical and/ or dependent care expenses
  • $50 per month allowance for cell phone usage (to be expensed monthly thru accounting system)
  • $50 per month allowance for internet usage (to be expensed monthly thru accounting system)
  • $20 per month allowance for gym memberships (to be expensed monthly thru accounting system)
  • Paid parking when requested
  • 401(k) plan with before tax/after tax contribution options, available after 30 days of employment
    • Auto Enrollment will begin after first 30 days of employment at rate of 6%
  • Voluntary plans for Supplemental Life Insurance, Short-term disability, Long-term disability, Cancer, and accident through MetLife
  • Legal Shield Legal plan
  • Aflac Medical plan
  • Additional Life Insurance plan increase up to 5x base salary (not to exceed $500,000) with employee Premium contribution.
  • No additional compensation offered for opting out of the plans


A list of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE sponsored plans you will be enrolled in.

  • Short-term Disability Insurance -thru Principal: Up to 60% of base weekly earnings (up to $2,308 per week). Benefits payable through 24 weeks of disability
  • Long-term Disability Insurance – thru Principal: Up to 60% of base monthly earnings (up to $10,000 per month for all active full-time employees.) Benefit begins after 180 days of disability.  Benefits payable for 24 months.
  • Accidental Death Insurance thru Principal: Amount equal to your Basic Life Insurance.
  • 50K Life Insurance plus one times base salary up to a Maximum Life Benefit of $250,000
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Travel Assistance Program
  • Chiropractic Care Available for Employee only. Includes up to 20 annual visits to In-network providers with $15 co-pay each visit.
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
    • Vesting in the ESOP commences at 20% per year following two years of employment
    • The first year of employment must exceed 1000 hours prior to September 1st of that year. The Plan is managed by The Newport Group
      • Less Than 2 Years of Employment – Vesting 0%
      • 2 Years of Employment – Vesting at 20%
      • 3 Years of Employment – Vesting at 40%
      • 4 Years of Employment – Vesting at 60%
      • 5 Years of Employment – Vesting at 80%
      • 6 Years of Employment – Vesting at 100%


To be considered, please send a cover letter, resume, salary requirements, and work samples to


Salary is commensurate with experience.

$82,000 – $85,000 USD