Carrier Johnson is a design-centric architectural, interior design, and strategic branding practice, focused on creating individualized design solutions for higher education, public buildings, corporate workplace environments, advanced technology + life science clientele, multi-family residential developments, and mixed-use compositions, including hospitality uses.

Established in 1977, the firm maintains headquarters offices in San Diego, with branch outlets in the City of Los Angeles, New York and Seattle.

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE approaches design through exploration of the authentic connections between design opportunity and existing environmental context – this includes: social, physical, historical, & aesthetic influences– this exploration is in an attempt to reveal opportunities within a real framework. A balance is sought between aesthetic, experiential, and functional qualities, serving to define a project’s individuality and unique expression.



The BIM Coordinator’s role is collaborate with project teams and the Design Technology Group to ensure the stable operation of in-house BIM software on a per project basis. This includes developing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all BIM projects assigned to the coordinator. The BIM Coordinator will also analyze and resolve user specific and project specific BIM program issues in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end-user training where required. Finally, the BIM Coordinator will assist the BIM project teams in the coordination of the building information model within the organization and across other disciplines and consultants.



Software Management

  1. Assist with Install, configure, and initiate BIM software, related hardware, and any other corresponding IT assets
  2. Administer strategies for document and data management as it relates to BIM user outputs, including collection, revision, and archiving
  3. Implement and maintain policies, procedures, and associated plans for BIM software administration and appropriate use
  4. Where necessary, assist in migration projects to newer versions of BIM applications
  5. Ability to interface with other digital design tools including SketchUP, 3DsMax, Rhino; grasshopper and/or dynamo a plus


  1. Enforce BIM standards, Best Practices, and common workflows
  2. Develops project specific software templates as needed based on office standards
  3. Contribute to office content libraries to comply with company standards
  4. Perform Quality Control checks of all projects to confirm adherence to company standards

Project Role

  1. Coordinate with Design Technology Manager, and Project Manager to develop project specific BIM usage analysis
  2. Develop project specific BIM Execution Plan (BEP) based on office standards and industry wide best practices
  3. Create project specific templates and manage BIM project setup
  4. Facilitate project kickoff meetings and guide project team in procedures for coordinating the building information model.
  5. Assist project teams with model coordination and ensure ongoing coordination efforts across all project team disciplines
  6. Perform Navisworks clash detections and coordinate results with Project Architect and design consultants
  7. Support project teams in modeling efforts, development of project specific families, assemblies, and groups as needed
  8. Manage Autodesk BIM360 online server across all projects for document management and collaboration


  1. Provide day-to-day technical support for BIM users on various teams to ensure maximum productivity and effectiveness across entire organization
  2. Coordinate with Design Technology Manager to develop training sessions and teaching materials for propagating BIM knowledge throughout the team
  3. Contribute to BIM information usage guides through bi-weekly design technology group meetings

Research & Development

  1. Conduct research on new and emerging BIM technologies or technologies that can be leveraged through existing BIM investments
  2. Participates in industry/client specific conferences related to BIM practices
  3. Future planning for potential BIM usages across the company
  4. Participate in marketing of BIM services via web, literature, interviews, and presentations


Position Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in architecture preferred, degrees in engineering or equivalent with appropriate work experience, or 5 years equivalent work experience
  2. At least 3 years direct experience operating, programming, and administrating BIM applications (i.e. Revit, ArchiCAD, etc.)
  3. Proven experience in overseeing the direction, development, and implementation of BIM software solutions
  4. Excellent understanding of the company’s business goals and objectives
  5. Good project management skills
  6. Strong knowledge of system and software quality assurance best practices and methodologies
  7. Strong customer-service, desktop support orientation
  8. Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  9. Ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language
  10. Ability to conduct research into application issues and products
  11. Highly self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail
  12. Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
  13. Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment



Carrier Johnson Benefits Summary

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE also supports and will provide one paid membership to a professional organization related to your employment area of interest.  Pursuit of other professional certifications and licenses may also be supported.  You and Jackie will discuss these opportunities when establishing your yearly career goals.  The value of these items will need to be approved prior to attending.


Health, Disability, Retirement and Other Benefits and Amenities

As a regular, full-time employee, you are eligible to participate in all of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE sponsored benefits, plans and activities.  Carrier Johnson + CULTURE offers comprehensive medical, dental, vision, short and long term disability, life insurance, 401(k) plan and flexible spending programs.  Carrier Johnson + CULTURE is pleased to provide 100% coverage for employee medical, dental and vision plans for those who choose the HMO plan.  If you choose to add additional dependents this will be at a reduced cost to you and deducted from your paycheck each pay period (pre-tax).  The amount will vary depending on the plan you select.  Carrier Johnson + CULTURE 401(k) plan does not include any matching.   In addition to offering the 401(k) plan Carrier Johnson + CULTURE offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.


Time-Off Benefits

You will accrue vacation at a rate of 3.33 hours for each pay period, (80 hours per year, or 2 weeks) for the first 4 years. 5.00 hours for each pay period begins accruing after 4 years (120 hours per year, or 3 weeks).

In addition to your vacation accrual, you will receive eight (8) paid holidays and you will receive forty eight (48) hours sick leave per year immediately upon hire.

At Carrier Johnson +CULTURE we offer two regular work schedules:  8 hours/5 days per week or a 9 hours Monday thru Thursday and a 4 hour Friday. Within these hours we offer a hybrid work model of in office and remote working.

This offer of employment is contingent upon presentation of valid documents that establish and verify your identity and employment eligibility, please refer to USCIS form I-9 instructions which indicate acceptable documents for this purpose.  Please bring the original of these valid verification documents with you on your first day of employment.  Your employment will be at will, meaning that either your or Carrier Johnson + CULTURE can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause.


Benefits Highlights 2023

Rates and plans are subject to change on an annual basis

We are happy to share with you the benefit plans we have to offer.  Contributory plan details are included as attachments to this letter, you will also find attached, an employee bi-weekly contribution schedule for your cost considerations.


A list of contributory plans that we offer are:

  • Medical – No cost for employee only when they choose the HMO Plan (Seattle Employees have PPO option only available to them at no cost for employee only)
    • HMO plan UHC Gold Signature Value 30-60/20%/$500 Deductible
    • PPO plan UHC Gold Select Plus 25/500/20%
    • Kaiser Gold 80 HMO 250/25
  • United Health Dental PPO Plan
  • United Health (Vision) Plan
  • Flexible Spending plan for medical and/ or dependent care expenses
  • $50 per month allowance for cell phone usage (to be expensed monthly thru accounting system)
  • $50 per month allowance for internet usage (to be expensed monthly thru accounting system)
  • $20 per month allowance for gym memberships (to be expensed monthly thru accounting system)
  • Paid parking when requested
  • 401(k) plan with before tax/after tax contribution options, available after 30 days of employment
    • Auto Enrollment will begin after first 30 days of employment at rate of 6%
  • Voluntary plans for Supplemental Life Insurance, Short-term disability, Long-term disability, Cancer, and accident through MetLife
  • Legal Shield Legal plan
  • Aflac Medical plan
  • Additional Life Insurance plan increase up to 5x base salary (not to exceed $500,000) with employee Premium contribution.
  • No additional compensation offered for opting out of the plans


A list of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE sponsored plans you will be enrolled in.

  • Short-term Disability Insurance -thru Principal: Up to 60% of base weekly earnings (up to $2,308 per week). Benefits payable through 24 weeks of disability
  • Long-term Disability Insurance – thru Principal: Up to 60% of base monthly earnings (up to $10,000 per month for all active full-time employees.) Benefit begins after 180 days of disability.  Benefits payable for 24 months.
  • Accidental Death Insurance thru Principal: Amount equal to your Basic Life Insurance.
  • 50K Life Insurance plus one times base salary up to a Maximum Life Benefit of $250,000
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Travel Assistance Program
  • Chiropractic Care Available for Employee only. Includes up to 20 annual visits to In-network providers with $15 co-pay each visit.
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
    • Vesting in the ESOP commences at 20% per year following two years of employment
    • The first year of employment must exceed 1000 hours prior to September 1st of that year. The Plan is managed by The Newport Group
      • Less Than 2 Years of Employment – Vesting 0%
      • 2 Years of Employment – Vesting at 20%
      • 3 Years of Employment – Vesting at 40%
      • 4 Years of Employment – Vesting at 60%
      • 5 Years of Employment – Vesting at 80%
      • 6 Years of Employment – Vesting at 100%



To be considered, please send cover letter, resume and work samples to


Salary is commensurate with experience.

$80,000 – $100,000 USD